The Block

Web design

A traveler's guide to New York. This casual travel guide is designed for young professionals who are visiting friends or looking to move to the city. It includes a variety of social activities and hidden gems that solo travelers can enjoy, from meeting up with friends to doing solo activities.

Lucille's Deli

Identity design

Identity Design for Lucille's Deli. Designed a cohesive system for Lucille's Deli, a new food truck, to help them stand out from the competition. The project was completed during a critique session held by the team at SuperHi.

The Beach Collective

Strategy, Identity design, Web design

Designing a Brand for a Social Good Cause. The purpose of this project is to design a brand that will help educate young people about the global plastic waste crisis and create awareness of this issue. The design is meant to be encouraging, creative, and fun.

SuperHi Visual Design + Branding

Visual design, Web design, Interface design, Identity design

A variety of small projects completed during my design course at SuperHi. These projects helped me build a foundation in visual design, web design, interface design, and brand identity design.